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What to expect from your first wedding dress fitting

You will be invited to come for your first dress fitting around 6 weeks before your wedding.  This could vary depending on a number of factors.

  1.  If you have been on a weight loss plan and are still intending to lose weight you may be asked to book in closer to the wedding date. Or if you are pregnant again you may be asked to come later to ensure the fit is as accurate as possible.
  2. If you are planning major alterations to your dress ie, having a zip back changed to a corset, a change to the shape of the neckline or straps added.  You would be amazed how these things can affect your dress so these changes need to be made first before making a standard alteration (taking in/letting out and length).

You need to ensure you are prepared with a few basic items in time for your first fitting.

  1. Your bra (if you choose to wear one under your wedding dress).  Different bra’s can mean a different bust measurement so it’s really important to have chosen this (and to remember to bring it with you!) prior to your first fitting.
  2. If you are wearing support underwear I’d recommend bringing this too.  You’d surprised at how many people choose underwear only to find it sits too high and shows above the dress or pulls you in at the wrong place and causes VPL.  Neither are good looks on your wedding day so check it out sooner rather than later!
  3. Your shoes:- Your hem will be taken to approximately a hands width off the floor meaning the front of your shoe will show slightly when walking.  We all walk with a natural dip so when the length has been altered as above you will look as though your dress is kissing the carpet. If you decide on a change of shoes between fittings your dress length won’t be correct. Similarly if you decide on a huge heel for the day and change this for flats at night you may find this causes your dress to be too long. (But maybe you won’t have a care in the world at this point!)
  4. Your hooped underskirt/petticoat:- This is a vital piece of kit that you’ll be glad you invested in.  The underskirt will keep the shape of your dress in place and also keep your dress away from your legs.  There are two benefits to this; 1. This will keep you cool 2. This will help you to walk freely and easily without the need to kick the dress away from you.  Your underskirt will also affect the length of your dress so it’s vital this is ready for the first fitting.  Our timescales for delivery are here.  It’s worth getting your underskirt sorted in advance to check the fit is perfect. Should you be lucky and only need your length altering you may find that an underskirt is all that’s needed to lift the skirt and you might be able to avoid alteration costs all together.  Not every dress needs an underskirt but if you are unsure then please contact us now.
  5. Your accessories like veils, tiara’s, belts, jackets etc. After all you want to see that everything works together.  It’s possibly been a while since you tried the sample gown or have even seen the dress!  This will also bring it’s own worries.  A lot of brides are scared that they might have fallen out of love with their dress or can’t remember exactly what it’ s like.  This is normal and within minutes of getting back in your dress you’ll remember why you fell in love with it in the very beginning.

Most first dress fittings take around 1 hour.  This may vary dependant of the intial fit of your dress and whether any major adjustments need to be made.  Your second fitting should take slightly less as it is a case of just checking the fit after alterations.

I’d recommend checking over your dress at your first fitting to ensure that you are happy with the quality.  If you are unhappy in any way with any detail then don’t be afraid to mention it.  You’ve spent a lot of money on this purchase so it’s important to raise any concerns sooner rather than later.

At your second/final fitting it’s worth inviting whoever will be dressing you on the big day. Your seamstress can then give advice as to how to put you in your dress.  On your wedding day your hair and make-up will have been done before you get into your dress.  This may be different to how you tried the dress on initially! You may have a corset back to lace up or buttons and fastenings which aren’t as obvious as you might think.  You may have also had a bustle or hitch added (this is a fastening to draw your train up off the floor for your evening reception)  Or you may want to invest in the services of someone to do all this for you.  Dressing the bride is a fabulous service that takes the pressure off your family and friends on your big day.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy your first fitting….it is after all one step closer to your big day!

Find some more great links with advice about fittings here, here and here !

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Beautiful brides

“A bride on her wedding day is beautiful — not just because of the fancy dress and professional hair and makeup, but because she’s radiating love and joy from every pore. ”

A quote from an article in the Huffington Post which I agree with wholeheartedly.  This article shows what they class as the top 30 drop dead gorgeous bridal portraits.  The photographs are stunning but I’m slightly biased and think that some of our gorgeous brides beat them hands down!

My own personal favourite picture of my wedding day 3rd October 2014.

Please feel free to add your own favourite pictures to our Facebook Page

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Assembling your underskirt

I have spotted this great little video on YOUTUBE and feel it would really help to understand how to put our underskirts together.

We have had a few questions about how the hoop should be inserted so this should help answer any queries.

The main points to note are :

  1. Please take great care when opening the metal hoops and removing the fastenings as the hoop is liable to spring open with some force !  If you are travelling abroad to get married keep the fastenings as you’ll then be able to re-pack it flat after your fittings.  Your bigger hoop goes in the bottom channel and any smaller ones sit higher.
  2. Holding the underskirt with the care label to the back make your way down the left hand seam.  The opening in which to insert your metal hoop is here! Some larger underskirts are packed inside out so you may need to turn it out the right way first to find the opening.
  3. The metal hoop will be longer than the channel so it won’t all fit in at once.  It needs to be overlapped.  The video gives you tips on how to do this.  Once the metal hoop is in I recommend you move the ends away from the opening to prevent it from popping out.  It’s just a case of pushing the hoop around inside the channel.
  4. Your underskirt should sit quite high up on your waist so that the bottom hoop is a couple of inches off the floor.  Of course this will vary from person to person dependant on your height.

Should you still have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.

Emma x



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Are you getting married against the odds?

Raw TV are looking for people who are getting married between March and August 2016 to take part in a documentary.

They’re looking for people who have been through a personal tragedy, accident or illness and are now looking forward to a miracle wedding in 2016.

I just know this will be one of those shows that will have us reduced to tears but for all the right reasons.

Do you or anyone you know wish to celebrate your miracle with the world ?

Click here to read more or apply. miracles

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Which underskirt for my dress ?

Wedding dress shopping can be a blur for a lot of people !   Which style suits my shape ?  Which neckline flatters me ?  Which fabrics do I feel comfortable in?

There’s always lots to take in when finding the dress of your dreams.  Your bridal shop should allow you to try your dress with a hooped underskirt if it requires one.  This will give you a better view of the shape of your dress and also make walking in the dress so much easier.  The bonus to having an underskirt is that you will be kept cool on your wedding day too !   (So if you’re getting married in summer this is a must)

A lot of bridal shops will encourage you to purchase a hooped underskirt as part of the package.  Take a moment to consider another option !

Here at Wedding Underskirts Direct we offer free advice !  If you’re unsure which underskirt you need or have purchased your dress on-line and not had the opportunity to try it with a hoop then all you have to do is get in touch.

My name is Emma and I am an experienced bridal consultant and have worked for an award winning bridal shop for many years.  I can tell you exactly which of our underskirts will work best with your dress by just knowing the designer and style code of your dress or alternatively seeing a photograph.

I am conscious of the fact that people are wary of buying on-line and worry that the quality may not be as good as buying from their bridal shop but you need not worry.  We currently supply a number of bridal shops with our underskirts so you can rest assured that just because our prices are substantially cheaper we don’t cut corners.  We simply want to pass on the savings to you !  That’s why we offer free UK delivery and a no-quibble returns policy, if it’s not right simply return it within 14 days and get a full refund.

Still not sure whether to buy from us ? Then check out reviews of our products and also our Facebook Feedback



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Getting married in 2016?

Who out there is getting married in 2016?

Are you interested in your 15 minutes of fame ?

The Geordie duo are looking for couples who are getting married next year to appear on Saturday Night Takeaway.  It doesn’t matter if you have already booked everything for your wedding it’s open to everyone!

Follow this link to apply !


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Justin Alexander 2016 collection

I think I’m in love with the Justin Alexander 2016 collection !

Absolutely stunning ! Such elegant and feminine lines with exquisite lace.  I’m also so happy to see satin making a return as I was a little over run with tulle and lace last season.  Take a look at the full collection here !

One of my favourites is style 8841 ja8841ja8841 back with beautiful beaded lace, lace hem and keyhole back for the ultra confident bride !  Wear this with our Imogen Underskirt for a perfect silhouette and ultimate comfort.

Closely followed by style 878687868786 back with unique beaded Venice lace and dreamy tulle skirt.  Wear this with our Harriet Underskirt to complete the princess ball gown look!

I suppose I’m slightly biased towards Justin Alexander as I did get married last year in one of his gowns.  I can’t tell you how amazing I felt in such a well structured gown that had been made with such thought for the feminine figure. I suppose my husband also scrubbed up very well wearing suit provided by Yorkshire Menswear !   me

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Pronovias wedding dresses

We defy anyone not to fall in love with at least one of the dresses designed by Pronovias!

Based in Barcelona Pronovias produce such exquisite gowns with the finest of fabrics.  They have been around for more than 50 years so have lots of experience in knowing exactly what a bride wants from her bridal gown.  Take a look at how they began all those years ago!

We love their use of fabulous fabrics such as Mikado silk, the softest tulle and guipure lace appliques.  A firm favourite of ours in the 2016 collection is Princia closely followed by Tamira.

Take a look for yourself at their entire 2016 collection and tell me you don’t like at least one !


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Disney Bridal Gowns

belleWe’re loving Alfred Angelo’s range of Disney princess bridal gowns.

Each one takes inspiration from the fairytale princesses.  From the old favourites like Cinderella and Belle to the newcomers like Elsa.

What we love about this range is the amazing use of colour with options such as Glass Slipper Blue, Lilypond, Ocean Blue, Sweet Scarlet and enchanted Violet.  Or you can play it safe with traditional white and ivory options !

For more information check out the Alfred Angelo website.

If you have already chosen a Princess gown then get in touch for advice on which underskirt to buy.


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Wedding dress styles

We know how daunting it can be to start the hunt for your wedding dress! With so much choice out there these days it’s hard to know where to begin.

We think the best place to start is to find a style that suits you. Although there are many variations most dresses can be categorised into about 5 styles. There are said to be “rules” as to which styles suit which body shapes however after working with brides for a number of years I find the “never say never rule” works the best!

Here’s a bit of a guide to help you get your head around what you’re looking for when trying to find “your style”!




This style is named as such because it looks just like a capital A ! Fitted at the bodice and waist this style then gently flares away to the floor. Does generally suit most body shapes and will help to disguise curvier hip and thigh areas.

Works well with our Aimee-Faith, Alexia & Harriet Underskirts




The Ball gown style has a structured bodice fitted to the waist. The skirt is usually very full making the waist look smaller.  Another good one if you would like to cover hips and thighs.

A Ball gown style is easier to pull off the taller you are.  Sometimes the full skirt can be a bit too much if you are short.  Having said that every bride should try on at least one !  (If you can’t be a princess when trying on wedding dresses then when can you ?)

We would recommend our Lottie underskirt to wear with any ball gown.





Empire styles are structured to finish just under the bust line and then float away.  Think summer and your maxi-dress!

Brides often look at these styles for a destination wedding as they are lightweight and easy to transport.  The only downside would be that they lack structure so unless your endlessly tall and slim most brides feel as though they’re in a nightie !

Empire styles may benefit from support of the Evie-Faye underskirt.






Fishtail and Mermaid are ultimately variations of the same style.  Also known as trumpet and fit and flare.

The main feature of this style is that it’s fitted over the hips, bottom and thigh area and then flares out.  The flare will start from anywhere between mid thigh and your knee.  A very flattering shape for the hourglass figure !

As there are so many variations on the style try on plenty to make sure you’ve checked out all the different flares.

Team this type of gown with our Hollie underskirt if you have a long train or the Imogen underskirt if you have a smaller train.





The column or sheath style is fitted to the waist and then straight in the skirt.  Most column dresses are lightweight and slim so if you like the fitted look but prefer a smaller skirt these are a great alternative to the fishtail.