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How to assemble a wedding underskirt, petticoat or hoop

I have spotted this great little video on YOUTUBE and feel it would really help to understand how to assemble a wedding underskirt,petticoat or hoop.

We have had a few questions about how the hoop should be inserted so this should help answer any queries.

The main points to note are :

  1. Please take great care when opening the metal hoops and removing the fastenings as the hoop is liable to spring open with some force !  If you are travelling abroad to get married keep the fastenings as you’ll then be able to re-pack it flat after your fittings.  Your bigger hoop goes in the bottom channel and any smaller ones sit higher.
  2. Holding the underskirt with the care label to the back make your way down the left hand seam.  The opening in which to insert your metal hoop is here! Some larger underskirts are packed inside out so you may need to turn it out the right way first to find the opening.
  3. The metal hoop will be longer than the channel so it won’t all fit in at once.  It needs to be overlapped.  The video gives you tips on how to do this.  Once the metal hoop is in I recommend you move the ends away from the opening to prevent it from popping out.  It’s just a case of pushing the hoop around inside the channel.
  4. Your underskirt should sit quite high up on your waist so that the bottom hoop is a couple of inches off the floor.  Of course this will vary from person to person dependant on your height.

Should you still have any questions then please feel free to get in touch.



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