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What to expect from your first wedding dress fitting

You will be invited to come for your first dress fitting around 6 weeks before your wedding.  This could vary depending on a number of factors.

  1.  If you have been on a weight loss plan and are still intending to lose weight you may be asked to book in closer to the wedding date. Or if you are pregnant again you may be asked to come later to ensure the fit is as accurate as possible.
  2. If you are planning major alterations to your dress ie, having a zip back changed to a corset, a change to the shape of the neckline or straps added.  You would be amazed how these things can affect your dress so these changes need to be made first before making a standard alteration (taking in/letting out and length).

You need to ensure you are prepared with a few basic items in time for your first fitting.

  1. Your bra (if you choose to wear one under your wedding dress).  Different bra’s can mean a different bust measurement so it’s really important to have chosen this (and to remember to bring it with you!) prior to your first fitting.
  2. If you are wearing support underwear I’d recommend bringing this too.  You’d surprised at how many people choose underwear only to find it sits too high and shows above the dress or pulls you in at the wrong place and causes VPL.  Neither are good looks on your wedding day so check it out sooner rather than later!
  3. Your shoes:- Your hem will be taken to approximately a hands width off the floor meaning the front of your shoe will show slightly when walking.  We all walk with a natural dip so when the length has been altered as above you will look as though your dress is kissing the carpet. If you decide on a change of shoes between fittings your dress length won’t be correct. Similarly if you decide on a huge heel for the day and change this for flats at night you may find this causes your dress to be too long. (But maybe you won’t have a care in the world at this point!)
  4. Your hooped underskirt/petticoat:- This is a vital piece of kit that you’ll be glad you invested in.  The underskirt will keep the shape of your dress in place and also keep your dress away from your legs.  There are two benefits to this; 1. This will keep you cool 2. This will help you to walk freely and easily without the need to kick the dress away from you.  Your underskirt will also affect the length of your dress so it’s vital this is ready for the first fitting.  Our timescales for delivery are here.  It’s worth getting your underskirt sorted in advance to check the fit is perfect. Should you be lucky and only need your length altering you may find that an underskirt is all that’s needed to lift the skirt and you might be able to avoid alteration costs all together.  Not every dress needs an underskirt but if you are unsure then please contact us now.
  5. Your accessories like veils, tiara’s, belts, jackets etc. After all you want to see that everything works together.  It’s possibly been a while since you tried the sample gown or have even seen the dress!  This will also bring it’s own worries.  A lot of brides are scared that they might have fallen out of love with their dress or can’t remember exactly what it’ s like.  This is normal and within minutes of getting back in your dress you’ll remember why you fell in love with it in the very beginning.

Most first dress fittings take around 1 hour.  This may vary dependant of the intial fit of your dress and whether any major adjustments need to be made.  Your second fitting should take slightly less as it is a case of just checking the fit after alterations.

I’d recommend checking over your dress at your first fitting to ensure that you are happy with the quality.  If you are unhappy in any way with any detail then don’t be afraid to mention it.  You’ve spent a lot of money on this purchase so it’s important to raise any concerns sooner rather than later.

At your second/final fitting it’s worth inviting whoever will be dressing you on the big day. Your seamstress can then give advice as to how to put you in your dress.  On your wedding day your hair and make-up will have been done before you get into your dress.  This may be different to how you tried the dress on initially! You may have a corset back to lace up or buttons and fastenings which aren’t as obvious as you might think.  You may have also had a bustle or hitch added (this is a fastening to draw your train up off the floor for your evening reception)  Or you may want to invest in the services of someone to do all this for you.  Dressing the bride is a fabulous service that takes the pressure off your family and friends on your big day.

The most important thing is to relax and enjoy your first fitting….it is after all one step closer to your big day!

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